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IT-MECHANICS SEO Silver package is our medium package, where you web site will be optimized using a extensive numbers of tools and service available. With our SEO Silver package you will get a feeling that we take care of your web site - Good care.

If you are satisfied with contents of our SEO Silver Search Engine optimization, but still want to get better ranking, you should check our directory submission package available.

Content Description
Pre keyword Analysis Report Before we start our optimization progress, we provide you with an report that shows how you are ranked for keyword that is already in your web site(meta tag) or chosen by you.
Keyword Preview/Research We look at keyword you give us, find others, analyze keyword to find the best to be optimized for your web site.
2-4 Keyword Optimized 2-4 keyword or keyword phases will be optimized
2-3 Page Optimized We optimize up to 3 pages.
Meta Tag Optimization We optimize your Meta Tag section on your web site
Organic Ethical Optimization Our optimization process use only ethical methods, no spamming methods is used.
On-Page Optimization Our On-Page optimization looks at all content that is on web site including Filename, Title tags, meta tags, Heading tags, Plain tags, Bold text, Italic Text, Image ALT text, Image names.
Image ALT Optimization We optimize pictures on your web site
Sitemaps Sitemaps is important for a website, search engines like sitemaps, and If your website dont have any sitemap, we will add it to your website, and tell Google and Yahoo that you have a sitemap.
Navigation Optimization We will look how your visitor can navigate through your web site, at suggest a better way if possible
HTML Source Optimization We will have a close look at your existing HTML Source code, and come with suggestion for changes. This is editorial work to existing HTML source code, if new design is necessary, it will be a separate job.
Web site Content Analyze/Recommendation Content of a web page is very important, and if we find it necessary we will come with suggestion to change content of your web site
SERPS Periodical Report We will provide you with report showing you ranking every 2 weeks
Link Building Management One way of improve web sites, is through quality links from other web sites. We will find necessary links partner for your web site.
Robot.txt optimization Spider, search engine software, need to know what to look for in your web site, and robot.txt must be optimized to control spiders behavior.
Internal Links Analysis We analyze how you web sites internal links is building, and make the necessary changes for better optimizing
W3C Validation We will run W3C validation to find possible HTML errors on your site.
200 Directory Submission We submit your web site to 200 directories, you will get many links to your web site, and your ranking will improve. For additional directory submission, please se our submission packages.
5 Article Submission We submit 5 article article websites. You will provide us with a 700 word text to use for articles.
10 Bookmark Submission We submit your website to 10 Social Bookmarking websites with your website adress, Title, Description and Tags.
Monitor Service 72 Hours Every 72 hour, we will take a look at your web site ranking, so if there is a drop in ranking, we can take action.

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