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IT Mechanics Web Design

One of our particular areas of expertise is programming.

Our first step in every software development project is a requirements analysis, followed by modeling, implementation, and failure elimination (debugging).

Our process of writing, testing, and maintaining the source code of computer programs ensures a seamless and uninterrupted service that maximises customer access.

We continue to strive to maintain an elegant, efficient, and maintainable software solution. Our choice of programming languages is subject to many considerations, such as company policy, suitability to task, availability of third-party packages, or individual preference. Ideally, the programming language best suited for the task at hand will be selected.

Whatever be the approach to the software development, we insist that the program we choose must satisfy fundamental properties.

The following five properties are among the most relevant:

  • Efficiency: it is referred to the system resource consumption (computer processor, memory, slow devices, networks and to some extent even user interaction) which must be the lowest possible.
  • Reliability: the results of the program must be correct, which not only implies a correct code implementation but also reduction of error propagation and prevention of typical errors.
  • Robustness: a program must anticipate situations of data type conflict and all other incompatibilities which result in run time errors and stop of the program. The focus of this aspect is the interaction with the user and the handling of error messages.
  • Portability: it should work as it is in any software and hardware environment, or at least without relevant reprogramming.
  • Readability: the purpose of the main program and of each subroutine must be clearly defined with appropriate comments and self explanatory chose of symbolic names.

We are certain that we can deliver to you the most efficient programming solution. Come in discuss your programming needs with our pool of experts.